The Bao by Kaya menu features mouthwatering Taiwanese food. The main highlight is the Gua Bao that can be order on combo meals by adding sides and drinks of your choice.

You can make your meal all Asian inspired for the day by trying our delicious rice platters. From popcorn chicken with spicy mayo to full fledge veggie, we have a rice platter for all preferences.

Sides include our yummy spring rolls and Taiwanese styles popcorn chicken. In the winters, we will make NYC come alive with warmth through our Tom Yum and Taiwanese Vermicelli Noodle Soups.

Get your hands on the special Taiwanese soda to get acquainted with the refreshing combination of Apple Sidra, Sarsaparilla and coconut milk.

The menu has been designed to bring your taste buds up to date with the amazing cuisine that Taiwanese people have to offer. We take special care for preserving the authentic Taiwanese taste regardless of what meal you decide for the day.

Enjoy our detailed menu as below.






(2 Baos + 3 Spring Rolls)







(2 Baos + Popcorn Chicken)









(3 Baos + Drink)


B1) Pork Belly Bao
Braised pork belly with cucumber and scallions served with hoisin sauce and crushed peanut

B2) Red Curry Chicken Bao
Shredded chicken sautéed with red curry paste served with cilantro and crushed peanut

B3) Peking Duck Bao
Roasted duck with cucumber and scallion served with hoisin sauce and crushed peanut

B4) Cow Bao
Braised flank steak with five spices powder, star anise and Szechuan pepper topped with spicy slaw

B5) Buddha Bao (Veggie)
Fried Tofu served with carrots, cilantro, cucumber, sweet chili sauce and crushed peanut

B6) Szechuan Fried Chicken Bao
Szechuan style fried chicken, Vietnamese pickled daikon and carrots, black vinegar glaze and crushed peanut

Rice Platter

Served with coconut jasmine rice, spicy slaw, crispy noodle, and homemade pork sauce (Pork sauce can be substituted with spicy mayo upon request)

R1) Popcorn Chicken
Taiwanese style bite-sized fried chicken with spicy mayo

R2) Szechuan Chicken
Szechuan style fried chicken with black vinegar glaze

R3) Red Curry Chicken
Shredded chicken cooked with Thai red curry paste and homemade spices

R4) Buddha (Veggie)
Fried Tofu, Vietnamese pickled daikon and carrots with sweet chili sauce


S1) Popcorn Chicken
Taiwanese style bite-sized fried chicken marinated with our special blend of spices, served with spicy mayo

S2) Spring Rolls (Veggie)
Vermicelli, cabbage and carrot, served with sweet chili dipping sauce

S3) Szechuan Fried Chicken
Szechuan style fried chicken, served with black vinegar glaze

S4) Tom Yum Soup -Veggie (winter only)
Spicy and tangy broth flavored with Tofu, mushrooms, bamboo shoot, and lemon grass

S5) Taiwanese Vermicelli Noodle Soup (winter only)
Tan brown Vermicelli with chicken, cilantro and fried shallot


  • Taiwanese Soda (Apple sidra / Sarsaparilla / Coconut Milk)
  • Fresh Coconut
  • Coke/Diet Coke/ Water
  • Summer Special Drinks