Welcome to Bao by Kaya

You can now enjoy one of the best Asian street food delicacies around the streets of the New York City. Enjoy our mouthwatering Taiwanese food featuring the signature Taiwanese style bun known as Gua Bao.

If you have been fortunate enough to taste a Gua Bao before, then you have your taste buds developed for an exotic cuisine. If it is your first experience, then we promise that you are in for an amazing food experience. We try to capture the authentic Taiwanese flavor to do justice to this stunning dish.

Visit one of our stands near you to enjoy the perfect taste of Gua Bao. You can also order some delicious rice platters and sides to enhance your meal of the day. Refresh yourself with our special summer drinks including the very popular Taiwanese soda.

The Taiwanese soda is the tasty combination of Apple Sidra, Sarsaparilla and coconut milk. Combine your Gua Bao with this drink to have a complete Taiwanese cuisine experience.

If you have the passion for Asian food, epically for Taiwanese cuisines, Bao by Kaya is the place to be. We promise you a Baotiful day.